About Us

http://x-tige.com/designers/handkerchief-fall-winter-2012-2/attachment/fw12_uniform_all-1_page_019-2/ Developing Hands is a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit established in 2005 to create education opportunities in Nepal.  We are based in Boulder, CO and made up of 100% volunteers; passionate, honest, and dedicated individuals who share the goal of building schools in Nepal and nurturing a supportive community environment for children to learn and grow.  Establish our organization as a trustworthy steward of your donations with transparency and integrity.

Our Mission

buy stromectol online in u.k We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization made up of 100% volunteers who share the goal of building and running a school for the children of Nepal and providing a supportive environment for them to learn and grow.

Our Timeline

2005—Non-Profit status approved

2009—Keith Robinson became President

2010—Partnership with Boulder Creek Events

2011—Our First Boulder Creek Beer Tent Fundraiser (Our largest fundraising event each year)

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 (Over $40,000 raised in our first four years)

2013—Established local Board

Shawna Peterson

Steve Peterson

Jim Carr

CT Tamura

2013—Developing Hands trip to Nepal to organize School contractors

2014—Developing Hands trip to Nepal

2014—Partnership with Namlo International for School Construction

2014—Began construction of our first School in Mankha, Nepal

2015—(March) Developing Hands board members bought airline tickets to Nepal leaving Colorado on May 29th, 2015 for Grand Opening of School

2015—(April 25th) 7.8 magnitude earthquake hits Nepal

2015—(April 27th) Developing Hands board meeting to establish Earthquake Relief Fund

2015—Developing Hands joined with other non-profits to form the Colorado Coalition for Nepal, based in Denver, CO

2015—(May 23-25th) Boulder Creek Festival Beer Tent fundraiser.

2015—(May 29th – June 18) Developing Hands board members on relief trip to Mankha, Nepal.

2015 — June — DH raised about $45,000 to help support the Earthquake survivors and helped 489 families with food supplies.

2016 — Shree Saraswati Secondary School re-construction project started as it was damaged by Earthquake in 2015 after the building was nearly completed.

2017 — Shree Saraswati Secodary School building reconstruction complete.

2017 –August — DH helped with $9,000 to Flood affected 45 families in Nepal.

2018 — Developing Hands donated $15,000 to Namlo International to help build another school.

2018 — July –Our founders met school headmaster in Kathmandu and donated Printer to school

2020 — Following BOD: Keith, Steve, Jim joined another organization to help as DH is currently taking some time to re-evaluate the new goals and looking to find new volunteers.

Organization Profile

We are a Non-Profit Organization aiming to build as many  schools as possible in Nepal. Nepal has more than 50 thousand street children who survive on the street by eating trash. Many of these children are sold into slavery or prostitution and many die every day from simple diseases. To survive most take jobs at 5 years old, and become injured as a result. At Developing Hands, we are committed to providing not only a school for these children, but also a home where they can feel safe…and be kids again.

We are an official Non-Profit Organization recognized by Secretary Of State Of Colorado.

We have received our Tax Exemption Letter from the IRS & it has been effective since March 17, 2005.

Our Tax ID: 20-3022792

Public Charity Status: 501(c)(3)

Contribution Deductible: Yes

The people of Boulder, Colorado have supported us beyond any of our expectations. We also have supporters around the world who we would like to thank for their continued support of our efforts.It will not be possible to build the school without your support. Please do not think you cannot do anything by yourself. Even one dollar helps us build this school for orphans and street children in Nepal.

Certificate of Good Standing – Secretary of State