Why do people donate to Developing Hands?


I was once asked why I like to donate to Developing Hands. Well the answer is simple. For starters, I believe that if we are to make any good in this world it will have to come from helping each other out. I also believe in treating others how you want to be treated, and paying it forward. Nepal is a very interesting country with a very interesting culture. I may not have the same beliefs as the people of Nepal, but from what I have witnessed they are good people.


I also think that if there is a country that can produce some really intelligent people like Mukesh Jha, Apsara Aryal and Shreeram Luitel then their education system should be very good. And if something as simple and meaningless as money is what’s keeping, deserving children from getting a proper education to get them ahead in life. Then I think it is completely worth the time and money. It is my hope that if everyone looked out for each other, then maybe we can have a chance of a good and rewarding life.

~Ken Leistman ( Member )


Developing hands is an organization that does just that – make a big deal (for the people of Nepal) out of pocket change. And it’s a grassroots camp that’s headed by people who truly believe in and understand their cause. To answer the original question, I decided to join in because of the people who stand behind the name, and their honesty and dedication to a cause that truly benefits everyone, include those of us who need the aid the most.


My roots go back to Bulgaria, a country which endured through five centuries of slavery, absorption by the USSR, and in the 1990s, increasing levels of poverty and economic uncertainty. I have had the unique chance to see both the Eastern and Western way of living after moving to the United States, and one thing’s clear – it is much easier to make a living here than it is there. Workers routinely work for pocket change in these parts of the world, something we take for ranted here. Though it shows that life is difficult in the East, it also means it is that much easier for us to offer help. Because even pocket change makes a difference.

~George Veskov ( Member )


The non-profit organization, Developing Hands, helps to get children off of the streets and it supports the education of thousands of young orphans and homeless children in the country of Nepal. The schools built will provide shelter and schooling for as many Nepalese children as possible. I support Developing Hands because I would like to contribute to this magnificent organization and I know that whatever money I donate will help make it possible for more of these wonderful children to obtain the education and shelter they need to receive a chance of a better life.

~Valerie Sheldon ( Member )


I met Mukesh on a previous job I had and one day he told me that he had a non-profit organization and how he wanted to help orphaned children in Nepal by building a school. I was making very little money back then but i offered to donate to his organization each month because I believe that if God gives you good health and a life that you can make for yourself you can give something from yourself to change other people’s lives. I came from a country torn apart by war and I’ve always considered myself lucky and regardless of how much money I make or what job I have I’ll always help out people that need it. I think that this organization is a good place to start if you want to make a difference in people’s lives.

~Amir Eminov ( Member )


Education is the key to success. I feel it is important to support all children in receiving an education, especially those children that are less fortunate.

~Monica Marquez ( Member )


Having grown up in a Buddhist environment as a kid, I understood the path of Buddhism. Having the opportunity in 1991 to go to Nepal I went and enjoyed the simplistic life style and the culture of the people out there, not to mention visit so many Buddhist temples and meet and re-meet some of the Tibetan teachers I had met in Boulder over the years. I really connected with some of the kids at the place I was staying at in Katmandu, and wished there was something I could do to help, so here I am helping out here.

~Chris Lyon ( Member )


I am very proud to be part of the Developing Hands Organization. I believe that everyone can contribute to a cause that is greater than themselves . I feel that our society is too caught up in what we can do for ourselves, and we lose track of the important things in life. A small contribution can make such a big difference in someone else’s life, if everyone contributed just a little bit, the world would be a better place. We take so much for granted each and every day, sometimes you just have to take a moment to think about everyone else that don’t even have a warm place to sleep. Sure, I would like to help everyone in the world, but we can’t do that, all you can do is help one person at a time. I would encourage everyone to think about the big picture and hopefully one day this organization can grow and make a difference in children’s lives.

~Vinh Luong ( Member )


With all that we are blessed with in America it is nice to be able to do something for children that are not as fortunate as we are.

~Carol Caffey ( Member )


This is a very noble cause, I hope that all of your hard work and dedication enables these children to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life.Good luck in your endeavor!

~Craig Glasser ( Member )


Developing hands gives shelter to thousands of homeless children and education for their better future. This is what I have always thought of doing after getting back to Nepal. Mukesh Jha was kind enough to ask me to perform dance at the fund raising program of this organization. In that program, I came to know about it’s mission and became member immediately thinking why not start right now help those children.

~Kriti Pachhai ( Member )


I joined Developing Hands because I believe in education, and helping those less fortunate. I don?t have a lot, but what I do have can easily go towards helping others. Thank you Developing Hand to give such an excellent and easy way to help. I am so impressed.

~Stuart Mizrahi ( Member )


Donating helps provide me with a sense of purpose. It makes me feel good to know that I can give back to the world, and it makes me appreciate what I have been given in my life even more.

~Mohamad Partowmah ( Member )