Mankha Secondary School – Construction – Completed!

Shree Saraswati High School, Mankha, Sindhupalchowk – Project has been successfully completed. The inauguration ceremony was on February 15th, 2017.

SSS_Mankha SSS_Mankhaa

We are extremely happy to share the news that the construction work has finally been completed after a long wait. Our school was nearing completion before the devastating earthquake damaged the physical structure of the building. We started the repair work again after waiting over a year following the new building code set by government. Inauguration Ceremony is scheduled for February 15th, 2017. Below are few of the most recent pictures of the school building. Thank you to all our team members, volunteers and donors who donated their valuable time, effort and donation to make this great cause possible. Now more than 300 kids in Mankha will be able to benefit from our school. Thank you!Mankha SchoolMankha School

Before the Paint work:

Mankha School0

More Updates to follow here:

Repair work of our School in Mankha has started again as of November 1st week. we will update more as we learn from Nepal contact. Please check back for more updates.

Thank you!


We finally have a picture of our new school in Mankha that was nearing completion. It is damaged, but we are told structurally sound and can be repaired! Unfortunately, the rest of Mankha isn’t. DH Board members will be there to support the villagers in Mankha. We didn’t cancel our trip rather we extended our trip by a week to help. We will be there to help with reconstruction of village now instead of School Grand Opening Ceremony.

DH built school in Mankha after Earthquake

Mankha Secondary School – Construction Update – started in November 2014 and estimated completion date of June, 2015.

– Some recent pictures of Mankha School  Construction: Great news as the 1st floor is almost complete and we are very hopeful that the 2nd story will be completed before our trip. Can’t wait to go there!

Carrying material for pillar Mixing materials for pillar Sangmu at work place School building constraction progress(2) School building constraction progress(3) School buildingconstraction progress Side view (2) Side view Tieing rebar for pillar Wall construction Working for pillar

All materials mixing At work, Carrying material Carrying aggreegrate to mix with cement Carrying material for RCC Slav Carrying material Carrying matrial with Namlo Carrying mixed material Carrying tin for RCC Slav Children with happy face Children with Sangmu Children Community contribution Labeling the RCC slav (2) labeling the RCC Slav Left side view Material mixing Mixing material Mr. & Ms Principal at work Prepared for RCC Slav (2) Prepared for RCC slav Refreshment Side view Students at class Women at work Women, carrying material Work completed

Aggreegrate unloading Building on construction Carrying bamboo Carrying wood to safe place Construction of wall Cutting wood Loading wood in truck Managing aggreegrate Sangmu Sherpa Observing Sangmu Sherpa pushing wood Sangu Sherpa suggesting to skilled labor School principal carrying wood Side view Unloading sand Unloading woods for frames Unloading View from inside View from left side View from right side View from top Wood cutting Wood for frames for first floor Rcc slav Working on wood

– Helpers and students are working hard to help build the school…we can’t wait to see it built.

Wall construction Teachers at work Students made two lines to carry stones Students in uniform are carrying stones Sangmu was sharing for distance of wires on rod Sangmu Sherpa, Carrying materials Sangmu is observing of construction Principal at working Mixing sand, cement _ other materials for concreting Construction of walls Concrete completed Concrete completed (2) Concerting Carrying sand Carrying materials for concreting Carrying material (2) Carrying aggregrate Aggregrate carrying







Blessing Ceremony of the School Site:

DH Funded School in Nepal

DH Funded School in Nepal

Marking off the new Building:

DH Funded School in Nepal


Shree Saraswati Secondary School, Mankha, ward no. 4, Sindhupalchok, Nepal

Land for New School in Mankha

Land for New School in Mankha

Land for New School in Mankha – old school showing in the background

Boulder Creek Festival – Developing Hands Beer Tent

Beer Tent Info

Developing Hands Beer Garden Volunteers,

Thank you so much for your help with our grass-roots mission to build a school for the children in Nepal!  We can not express enough appreciation to each of you for your help!  Our goal is to make $20,000 for the kids at the beer tent this year!!   where can i buy Latuda online WE ARE REALLY COUNTING ON YOUR HELP—RAIN OR SHINE!  Without your help we simply would not be able to do it!

PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SHIFT TIME.  You can check it at our signup website:
Sign up for Beer Tent: May 28th – May 30th, 2016

If you are not familiar with our organization please take a moment to look at our website and familiarize yourself with Developing Hands.


Serving Beer:  Our role is serving beer, wine, and margaritas to the public after we have checked ID.  We collect the money, ask for donations, and talk about our mission to build a school in Nepal.  And, of course, have fun!!


Public parking lots & garages can be found at the following locations:

• 1100 Walnut

• 1400 Walnut (by the RTD bus station)

• 1500 Pearl Street

• 11th Street & Spruce (behind the Boulder Book Store)

There is free street parking in local neighborhoods on weekends, but please take note of street signs for possible exceptions. Because of limited downtown parking, we strongly suggest using alternate modes of transportation to get downtown, such as carpooling, walking, riding your bike, or taking the bus to the Festival.


We are required to have a minimum of 12 volunteers at the tent at all times.  If we don’t, they will shut us down and stop serving alcohol.  It is really important that everyone is there at the time they are scheduled.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your shift starts.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THERE IS GOING TO BE A LOT OF TRAFFIC!


That’s right, free beer!  While you are working at the beer tent you will have access to the volunteer’s beer keg.  We want everyone to have fun, so you are welcome to drink some beer while you are there.  Other options will be available for purchase.  We can only allow volunteers to drink from the designated keg.

If you get too drunk the city officials will ask you to leave.


We will be doing a brief training with each volunteer so that you will know what the city officials will be watching for and how everything works.  This is very important and mandatory before you begin your shift.


Things to consider: SPF, warm & cooler clothes, rain gear, a fun attitude!  Things provided: water, chairs, beer, training, and support from the BCF organizers.


All of the volunteers are required to wear a shirt that clearly indicates that you are a volunteer.  So, we are providing all volunteers with a free t-shirt that you get to keep as a small token of appreciation for your help.  If you want to wear your shirt from a previous year that is great!


We are located just east of the Boulder Public Library on Arapahoe between 9th Street and Broadway (Across from Alfalfas).  We are located right in the middle of the main stage area.


If you know other folks who enjoy having fun while giving back please ask them to check out the signup website.  We are still looking for volunteers for both Monday shifts.


Please put my cell number in your phone before you leave.  If you need to reach me for any reason please call 303-949-2363


Do you have other questions about the Boulder Creek Festival?  Please check their website for all of the details at:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We SO appreciate you and your generous support!

Beer Garden Map



Boulder Creek Festival 2013 – Photo Gallery

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Boulder Creek Festival Beer Tent

Beer Tent

Developing Hands will be sponsoring a Beer Tent at the Boulder Creek Festival from May 25th through May 27th near the Boulder Public Library off Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder, CO. Please come by and help support Developing Hands.

Please SIGN UP!  The shifts will fill up fast again this year!  If you can help, please email  us back at or with the following information:

1. First & Last Name of each volunteer.

2. Which shift(s) you can help.

3. Email address & cell phone number for each volunteer.

 Bring some friends and have fun doing a very good thing for the kids!!  Are you a part of a group or organization that might be willing to help?  (A sports team, charity group, church, professional group, social network, or maybe even co-workers.)  If so, please forward this info  to them as well.

Sign up early to volunteer for one of the shifts below.  We need 20 people per shift, so sign up for 2 if you can.  Forward to all your friends with big hearts, do something good for the children over your holiday weekend this year with your friends.

  Event Day

Shift 1

Shift 2

Shift 3

Saturday, May 25th




Sunday, May 26th




Monday, May 27th



We will be providing all of the details as we get closer to the event.  WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!  We can’t do it without you!!

Thank you so much for whatever you can do to help!!

Secretary ~ Apsara Aryal

My name is Apsara Aryal. I was born in Tanahun District, Nepal. I was very interested to help poor and ignorant children since my childhood. When I got married with my husband (Mr. Mukesh Jha) he said, he wants to establish school for street children. I really liked the idea that he said. After a year, he established developing hands as a non-profit organization in USA. He chose me as a Secretary. I would like to thank him as he made me the part of the organization, and gave the opportunity to serve the children.

We established this organization when we got in USA because Nepal is a developing country and we are the poor citizens of the developing country. It was impossible to build a school if there are no funds, as I mentioned Nepal is a developing county so we were not very optimistic to make such large funds to establish school in Nepal. We established an organization here (USA) due to the difference of the currency. $1=Rs.70 ( Rs. is a Nepali Currency), so a child can go to school with $125 for a year. In addition, USA is a developed country with educated people. So, we draw a conclusion that we will get help that we need to establish school for street and needy children. As a human being everyone has right to get knowledge, but due to lack of wealth there are many children living in street in Nepal. We want them to support by providing home and knowledge, and we need your help to get this done.

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