President ~ Keith Robinson

where can i buy ivermectin Keith grew up in Greencastle, Indiana and completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University. After graduation Keith spent seven years overseas working and traveling in Guam, Saipan, Thailand, Australia and the Caribbean. Volunteering has been a large part of Keith?s life for many years. His interest in volunteering began in college when he organized a committee to build sand volleyball courts in his hometown. He enjoyed the idea of giving back, in a small way, to the community and building something that others would enjoy for years to come. Following that experience, volunteering became a cornerstone of his life philosophy. ?Helping others has given me some of the most profoundly positive moments of my life.? He shares. Keith has donated his time in many different roles including, Interfraternity Council, Board of Directors and other leadership roles at Purdue. He was a Co-Chair of a committee of volunteers who organized a 24-hour relay race in Sydney, Australia to raise money for the Olympic athletes prior to the 2000 Olympics. He has been a mentor for teenagers & young adults in the Boulder community since 2000. He is the Co-Chair for a Boulder Area Realtor Association Committee devoted to public awareness and educating young adults about the importance of managing one?s credit and renting or buying one?s first home. He also enjoys delivering MealHe also enjoys delivering Meals on Wheels and participating in other community organizations.

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Founder ~ Mukesh Jha

A warm welcome from Developing Hands, which is recognized as a non-profit organization. The purpose of Developing Hands is to help the really needy children, poor orphans or disabled students in Nepal. The most important thing is that we can not do anything without your support or help, no matter how small. When we came to America from Nepal, in December 2004, we found a totally different society. It was new for us. But we found very kind & helpful people. This is one of the key things that helped to establish the Developing Hands, with the help of kind people. Then we decided to help street children in Nepal, because Nepal is one of the most under developed countries in the world. There are almost 50,000 children separated from education. So we decide to establish a school for them. We are collecting some donations now. The school will be named, Developing Hands Academy, which will be a boarding school in Nepal. We are trying to find some people from the United States, that are really interested in going over there to teach the children English. We will be teaching those who join us how to speak Napali. The Developing Hands will build the school in the Terai region of Nepal, in Bhalohiya-6,Rautahat (Narayani). Finally, we would like you not to forget that we can not do anything without your support. So please help us to accomplish our goals by sending in your donations. Thank you for your time and we are grateful to all who can help see The Developing Hands grow.


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Boulder Creek Festival Volunteer Info

Thank you so much for your help with our mission to build a school/home for the homeless children in Nepal!

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