Secretary ~ Apsara Aryal

My name is Apsara Aryal. I was born in Tanahun District, Nepal. I was very interested to help poor and ignorant children since my childhood. When I got married with my husband (Mr. Mukesh Jha) he said, he wants to establish school for street children. I really liked the idea that he said. After a year, he established developing hands as a non-profit organization in USA. He chose me as a Secretary. I would like to thank him as he made me the part of the organization, and gave the opportunity to serve the children.

We established this organization when we got in USA because Nepal is a developing country and we are the poor citizens of the developing country. It was impossible to build a school if there are no funds, as I mentioned Nepal is a developing county so we were not very optimistic to make such large funds to establish school in Nepal. We established an organization here (USA) due to the difference of the currency. $1=Rs.70 ( Rs. is a Nepali Currency), so a child can go to school with $125 for a year. In addition, USA is a developed country with educated people. So, we draw a conclusion that we will get help that we need to establish school for street and needy children. As a human being everyone has right to get knowledge, but due to lack of wealth there are many children living in street in Nepal. We want them to support by providing home and knowledge, and we need your help to get this done.

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